Recycling Timber

At Lakewood Tree Surgeons we are always mindful of recycling timber after we have a cut or trimmed a tree.

Nowadays this can be in the form of chippings for the garden or logs for fires but we’ve hunted out three of the more unusual uses for timber in times gone by.

First up are wooden dentures. It was once rumoured that George Washington had wooden dentures and whilst these were popular around that time he never actually had any. Thankfully, now we have moved on to more appropriate materials that are longer lasting and actually look like teeth!

During World War Two allied forces often had to test the charactersitics of new torpedoes during development. One of the best ways to do this was to produce a “dummy” wooden version that could be dropped from a plane to evaluate how the real one would behave in battle. Many of these “dummy torpedoes” have been found around the test areas in the Solent.

Finally, another use during the war was to build “alternative” war planes. Rather than the big steel and iron bombers we are familiar with De Havilland built a wooden bomber in World War 2 that was light, manoeuvrable and highly effective in battle. Many successful raids on hard to reach targets were conducted by these planes.

So, if you have a plane to build or a torpedo to test, or even need some logs for a fire. Please get in touch.